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2016-2017 California FCCLA State Officers


Jo Hannah Faith Chua

Jo Hannah Faith Chua, President

Jo Hannah Faith Chua, a senior at Adrian C. Wilcox High School, is honored to be recognized as the first California FCCLA State President. She previously served as the Region 5 President and is proud to serve again as a State Officer during her fifth year as a member. She loves this organization, even more so because of the presence of her favorite color in the association - red. She is a pianist, a violinist, a runner, and a traveler with a passion for reading. She is proficient in many languages as well and is excited for the unforgettable year to come!


Anne Gebicke

Anne Gebicke, Vice President

Anne Gebicke is a junior at Pleasant Valley High School in Region 2. She has been in FCCLA since freshman year, and will be serving as your California FCCLA State Vice President and Historian. Her hobbies include playing rugby, playing piano, writing songs, singing, and reading. She wants to be a Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics Careers and Technology teacher so that she can share these amazing opportunities with other students.


Breanna Lee

Breanna Lee, Treasurer

Breanna is a Senior at Linden High School. She is ecstatic to serve as your 2016-2017 State Treasurer. She looks forward to seeing the members and officers in FCCLA grow to become great leaders. She has been a member of FCCLA since her freshman year and previously presided as the Region 6 Vice-President. Aside from FCCLA Breanna is involved in CSF, band, tennis, golf, Color Guard and competitive dance. Breanna also enjoys photography and music production. After high school Breanna hopes to attend a 4 year university and pursue a career in engineering or biology.


Kristalynn Walker

Kristalynn Walker, Reporter

Kristalynn Walker is a senior at James C Enochs. She will be leading as your State Secretary and State Reporter of the 2016- 2017 California FCCLA year. She is a Forensics Biotechnology Academy student at James C. Enochs High School who loves to study the criminal sciences. Here career goal is to become a Chief Serologist or CSI for the Modesto Police Department. Her goals for the oncoming year is to get FCCLA known throughout the state of California using many types of social media and outreaches within member’s communities. She is very excited to fulfill her duties and work with the fellow officers around her.


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California FCCLA State Advisor & Advisor to Regions 2, 4, 5 and 9
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