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Advisor Award

Citation of Honor
This special certificate is annually presented to chapter advisors who serve either as a Region Coordinator or Region Competitive Recognition Events Chairperson. No nomination or application forms are required.

Service Award Pins
Recognition pins are presented to chapter advisors based upon their years of service and dedication to The California FCCLA. Pins are presented after each five-year increments of service as a chapter advisor in California. (Note: This recognition is not based upon years of teaching, but on the years an individual has served as a chapter advisor.)

Recognition pins are awarded based on the years of service information that is input into the official online Directory of Chapters by the local chapter advisor. For all California FCCLA advisors in any one local chapter to receive appropriate recognition, the chapter advisor of record must input up-to-date years of service information in the online Directory of Chapters for each and every qualified advisor on campus.

Outstanding Advisor Award Recognition Program
This program provides California FCCLA members, and the State Association, with the highly desirable opportunity to provide ongoing recognition for the tireless efforts of local California FCCLA Chapter Advisors put forth on behalf of California Home Economics Careers & Technology Education students.

There are three levels of recognition for chapter advisors under Phase I of this program. These are bronze recognition, silver recognition, and gold recognition. The extent to which specified criteria are met on the application form shall determine each applicant’s recognition level. Evaluation criteria and designated levels of accomplishment are determined by California FCCLA: The California Affiliate of FCCLA. The application form is a simple check-off list that can easily be completed by the local chapter officers with minimal assistance from the Chapter Advisor. There is no limit on the number of HECT teachers at a single school that can receive Outstanding Advisor Award Recognition in a given year. Completed applications are due in the California FCCLA Financial Services Office each year by March 1.

The first time an advisor qualifies for any level of recognition, recipients shall receive a multi-year perpetual award plaque with a year plate indicating the award year and level of recognition. In any future year(s) that specific individual qualifies for recognition, he/she will receive a year plate with award recognition level to add to the perpetual plaque. Should an advisor fill the available spaces on his/her perpetual aware plaque, a new award plaque will be provided for future years. These awards are presented at a general session of the Annual State Leadership Meeting.

Each advisor achieving gold recognition in a given year will be forwarded an application and an invitation to participate in Phase II of the program. Phase II applications are due in the California FCCLA Financial Services Office by April 1. Phase II applications received from invited participants and are evaluated at the state level. From these applicants, a “Star Advisor” is selected for each region from which one or more Phase II applications were received. Each Region Star Advisor shall receive a special award plaque presented during a general session of the Annual State Leadership Meeting.

Each Region Star Advisor will be evaluated by a delegate committee at the Annual State Leadership Meeting. The delegate committee shall evaluate the applicants and select a State Star Advisor from the region star candidates. The State Star Advisor shall receive special recognition during a general session of the Annual State Leadership Meeting.

2019-20 Winners

Region Advisor Chapter Level
2 Priscilla Burns Pleasant Valley High School Gold
4 Sharon Varozza Oak Ridge High School Gold
4 Raean Gaddoni Argonaut High School Gold
5 Rizi Manzon Wilcox High School Gold
6 Amy Lee Sierra High School Gold
6 Savannah Wegner East Union High School Gold
7 Lisa Washmuth San Luis Obispo Gold
8 Michelle Stetsko Madera High School Gold
8 Allysa Fite Central High School Gold
8 Robin Butterfield Central High School Gold
8 Michelle Baker Kern Valley High School Gold
9 Julie Eyre Alhambra High School Gold
9 Tracy Taylor John A. Rowland High School Gold
10 Elizabeth Williams Chino High School Gold

5 Kathy Hopp Santa Clara High School Silver
5 Janice Tuttle Mills High School Silver
5 Jarrell Fedalizo Peterson Middle School Silver
6 Valerie Flores Sierra High School Silver
6 Liz Aschenbrenner Sierra High School Silver
6 Erlinda Selga Lathrop High School Silver
6 Jennifer Billings Lodi High School Silver
6 Kristy Crowell Tokay High School Silver
6 Laura Nealy Linden High School Silver
6 Christi Stevenson Connecting Waters Silver
8 Justin Cardella Madera High School Silver
9 Elvia Nieto Alhambra High School Silver

6 Jeannine Wayman Weston Ranch High School Bronze

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