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Golden State Degree Program

Please mail your completed Chapter, Region, or State Degree application to:
California FCCLA Financial Services Office
P.O. Box 6
Galt, CA 95632

This program provides California FCCLA members with the opportunity to earn degrees and recognition at the chapter, region, and state levels. By participating in activities they can develop leadership skills and make a plan to achieve increased personal and career preparation growth through California FCCLA: The California Affiliate of FCCLA. Application forms are due to the California FCCLA Financial Services Office postmarked by March 1 of the current program year. Click on the information link below to learn about the Golden State Degree Program criteria, or on an application link to download and complete your application for a degree.

Excellence in Presentations is the sponsor for this program at the region and state levels, and provides the region and state degree pins to recipients attending the State Leadership Meeting. Chapters are responsible for purchasing chapter pins for members achieving this degree. Chapter degree pins must be ordered in combination with State Leadership Meeting Registration. This information will be included in the State Leadership Meeting materials each year.

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