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Ideas for Chapters

Do you have an idea to share? Please submit ideas on fundraisers, publicity, or increasing membership to Email a photo, also, if you want to see your chapter on the web!

Just the Beginning of Endless Possibilities

1.  Identify each day with a special event or project.
2.  Focus on the state project thrusts or national programs. Use one  program as a theme for the week or select a different program to focus on each  day.
3.  Speak out about California FCCLA through school announcements, bulletin boards, and displays.
4.  If you are focusing on community service for the week, contact an agency/agencies for items that are needed. Collect different donations each day (socks, washcloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, baby clothes, cleaning supplies, food, etc.)
5.  Label each day with the item – Toothbrush Tuesday or Washcloth Wednesday – that your chapter is collecting.
6.  Contact at-risk shelters and find out their needs. (Example: new or gently used sweatshirts are collected by shelters to help teens and adults who are living on the street.)
7.  Ask your mayor to declare a proclamation recognizing California FCCLA week in your community.
8.  Create public service announcements for television and radio stations, develop a video for your local cable television, and write a press release for your local newspaper and school/community website.

Members of the Lassen High School California FCCLA Chapter are getting ready to leave the high school to serve 300 students at the first ever Lassen County "Lit-Jam" activity. With the help of the Foods Classes, members prepared turkey wraps, cookies, oranges and chips as a fund-raising activity.

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“FCCLA has nurtured social awareness and self-confidence within me as I continue to improve both as a student and as an individual.”

Ashley Leung,
(Rowland FCCLA)