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Aileen Real

Aileen Real, President

Aileen Real is this year’s President and is from the Centennial High school chapter. She hopes to expand the visibility of FCCLA programs and opportunities for members to develop real world skills and become college and career ready. Aside from her commitment to FCCLA, she enjoys baking, sewing, and spending time with her family and pets. Similar to her experience within her culinary class she strives to make a difference and provide support to her team so they can pursue their passion and be successful as a FCCLA region officer. Aileen looks forward to working with her fellow officers and chapters to reach Toward New Horizons.

Julio Mata

Julio Mata, Vice-President

Julio Mata is this year's Vice-President and secretary. From the Alvord Unified chapter he enjoys being involved in his community and having the opportunity to always learn and grow his leadership skills beyond measure through FCCLA. Apart from FCCLA he enjoys spending his time from Cooking to Playing and performing around the Inland Empire with local Concert Bands. He, and the rest of the officer team, can't wait to see how we will all rise and reach towards new Horizons.

Hannah Avila

Hannah Avila, Treasurer

Hannah Avila is this year’s Treasurer. She is a senior in the Carter High School chapter as well as its vice president. She loves the familial feeling she gets from FCCLA and holds its values close to her heart. Outside of FCCLA, she often is found tutoring at her local elementary schools, drawing, painting, or reading. Hannah is the captain of her school’s Waterpolo and Swim team, and thus enjoys spending most of her time in the pool. She is extremely excited to get to work with all of you and is dedicated to making this year count!

Emilie Villalobos

Emilie Villalobos, Historian/Reporter

Emilie Villalobos is this year’s Historian and Reporter. She is a senior at the Centennial High School chapter and spends her free time reading, baking, and traveling with her family. What she most admires about FCCLA is the opportunities it provides for its members. As well as the unity and closeness amongst every group of advisors, officers, and members. She is eager to work with her fellow officers to continue the work of past officers to bring a great year for FCCLA members.


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