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Jewel Mize, President
Jewel Mize, President, is a Senior at Centennial High School.  Some of Jewel’s interests include cooking, spending time with family, and reading. Some of her skills include organization, and problem solving. She wants to become a Culinary Arts Teacher.
Jewel’s biggest goal for Region 10  is to involve more chapters in community events and completing more national programs. She really strives to encourage more chapter officers to receive their chapter and even region degrees. She is looking forward to planning the Fall Meeting and creating workshops and activities.


Irene Gutierrez, Vice-President
Irene Gutierrez, Vice-President, is an 8th grader from Villegas Middle School.
Irene enjoys playing in her school concert band, baking, and hanging out with her friends. She can be very social and she is able to multitask easily. For now, Irene wants to continue to expand the business that she and her cousin created. Irene plans to make sure that Region 10 has many competitors at STAR events this year. She’s very excited to see what members will come up with for the competitions. The more competitors Region 10 has, the better!


Melanie Velez, Secretary
Melanie Velez, Secretary, is a Senior at Chino High School. Melanie’s biggest goal is to have more people in our region involved in FCCLA this year and reach out to more schools to join.  Melanie’s interests are reading, softball, and socializing with friends. Her skills include patience, organization, and lifting the mood. Her future career is being a pilot.


James Meza, Treasurer
James Meza, Treasurer, is a Junior at Centennial High School. Some of James’s interests include: Cooking, teaching others new skills, and playing video games. Skills include: Socializing and working with numbers. My future career choice is being a Chef. James’s biggest goal this year is to get more participation from chapters and involvement at the fall meeting and chapter officer leadership training, and bring more new members into FCCLA.


Jasmine Lee, Historian/Reporter
Jasmine Lee, Historian/Reporter, is a Senior at Chino High School. Some of Jasmine’s interests include: drawing, reading, baking, and helping others. Some of her skills are creativity, good communication, and a great listener. Tell her all the great stories that you experienced with FCCLA. Jasmine’s biggest goal for Region 10 this year is to create events that are enjoyable to the region members and let them experience, learn, and have fun with FCCLA. She especially wants to encourage members to attend STAR Events which will build members strong skills towards their career, no matter in the FCS field or other pathways.


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Region 10 Coordinator

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Tiffany Fujita
Mrs. Fujita is the Region 10 Coordinator. She is in her 17th year of teaching and her 12th year as a FCCLA Advisor. Mrs. Fujita was a region officer twice and served as the 1999 - 2000  State FCCLA President when she was in high school.  Mrs. Fujita loves to cook and travel with her husband and 3 boys. As a teacher and advisor, she loves making connections with her students and FCCLA members by sharing opportunities to take what they learn in the class and apply it through community service, leadership development, and the opportunity to compete.

STAR Chairperson

Jennifer Beier, FCS Instructor
Innovation High School – Murrieta
39665 Avenida Acacias, Suite A
Murrieta, CA 92563

Heather Barnhart, Principal



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