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2017-18 - Region 10

Joshua Oliveros

Joshua Oliveros, President

Joshua is a sophomore. While Joshua has had a lasting affinity for writing, he states that his comfort zone has extended towards the culinary acts and playing the cello. While Joshua describes himself as “all of the place”, it is his belief that variety breeds employment, accompanied by excellence.


May Chhur

May Chhur, Vice President

May Chhur is a junior. This is May’s second year in FCCLA, and is not only the Region 10 Vice President, but also the Chapter Secretary. May has been in the school’s marching band for two years, and participated in drumline least year. May is also the member of the Key Club, Leo Club, Make-A-Wish, and Polynesian Club. May looks forward to making many memories this year.


Zheng Dong

Zheng Dong, Secretary

Zheng Dong is a senior, the Region 10 President, as well as the president of the Earth Club. Zheng has proudly participated in both for 4 years. Zheng has also been involved in Basketball for 3 years. Zheng states that they have anything and everything that is orange. Zheng says “The road ahead still remains a mystery, but I hope that through my dedication, I can accomplish something amazing. Cherish your time in high school. Make friends, try out new things, and venture past your limits, for it flashes by in the blink of an eye.”


Jimmy Perez-Palencia

Jimmy Perez-Palencia, Treasurer

Jimmy Perez-Palencia is a senior and this is his second year in FCCLA. Jimmy says that he is a bit shy at first, but that when you get to know him, he can be pretty friendly person. Although Jimmy states that he wished he had joined the organization earlier. Jimmy states that rather than feeling down about the past, he is looking ahead to what is to come and will make most of the little time he has left in FCCLA. “You can bet that I am going to treasure every last second.”


Samantha Acueto

Samantha Acueto, Historian

Samantha Acueto is a junior and has been in FCCLA since her freshman year. Samantha enjoys culinary arts and running. Samantha claims to be a bit of a klutz, but states that her work is not sloppy. “I can’t wait to see what this year holds.”


Alycia Akabori

Alycia Akabori, Reporter

Alycia Akabori is a senior and this is her second year in FCCLA. Alycia has been a part of her school Basketball team for one year, but has been playing Basketball for a total of 9 years. Alycia has participated in color guard for two years. She is also currently an officer for I Can Help Club, Earth Club, and FCCLA. Alycia believes that her goal in life is to inspire others to be the best individuals that they can be.


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