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Region 2

Your Leadership Team

Abby Burlison, President

Hello! My name is Abby Burlison and I am your 2021-2022 Region 2 President. I am a sophomore at Los Molinos High School and this is my second year of FCCLA. Last year I competed and placed second in the STAR Culinary Display event! FCCLA is very important to me because of how much I value my community as well as the hospitality industry. One of my favorite activities is cooking for friends and family!

Jake Wong

Jake Wong, Vice President

Hello, my name is Jake Wong and I am the California region 2 vice president. I have been heavily participating in FCCLA since my sophomore year when I completed in the team culinary competition. My favorite part of FCCLA is the competitions and the experience of building your skills. My main hobbies are playing the bass and gaming.

Shay Hagerty, Secretary and Reporter

Hello. My name is Shay Hagerty and I'm the Region 2 Reporter. I'm in 10th grade and I go to Los Molinos Highschool. One thing I love about FCCLA is that it involves teamwork and dedication. One of my main hobbies is reading

Liam Eller, Treasurer

Liam Eller senior from Pleasant Valley High School 4 years with FCCLA, FCCLA has been a amazing experience I have competed 3 times it has taught me many skills that I can use in my life.

Audrey Eldredge, Historian

Hello my name is Audrey Eldredge. I am a 10th grade student at Los Molinos High School. I am the Historian for Region 2 FCCLA. Something that I enjoy about FCCLA is that we get to learn and practice our leadership skills and team work. FCCLA also challenges our dedication and work ethic. My main hobbies are reading and art.


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Region 2 Coordinator


Sue Jones

STAR Chairperson

Susan Sullins, FCS Instructor
Pleasant Valley High School
1475 East Avenue
Chico, CA 95926
John Shepherd, Principal


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