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Region 2
Emily Silva

Emily Silva – President
Emily will be a Senior at her High School and believes it’s such an honor to become the Region 2 President in her fourth year in FCCLA and being her chapter’s first Region Officer. Besides FCCLA, Emily is a member of CSF, Recycle Club President, ASB Community Liaison, a Link Crew Leader, apart of Young Ladies Institute, a Girls State Delegate, and does community service through her church by being an altar serving, helping with projects, and being a Bible School leader. To her, FCCLA is like a second home and family to her, and she wants to share her knowledge to inspire individuals to join and be apart of this amazing experience, but also to make friends that will last a lifetime.

Isabelle Vallejo

Isabelle Vallejo – Vice President
Isabelle has been apart of FCCLA for 2 years and is 16 years old. She is delighted to serve as Region 2’s  Vice President and has previous experience as Region 2’s Secretary last year and previous roles in her local 4-H such as President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Being involved in this organization is more than just a hobby or pastime but it is a second family to her and a very important opportunity that Isabelle is honored to have.

Zoey Miller

Zoey Miller – Secretary
Zoey will be going on to her sophomore year in high school and this will be her second year in FCCLA. She was the Vice President of her schools chapter and will now be region secretary. Some interesting facts about her are that she is an identical mirror twin, her favorite TV show is FRIENDS, loves dogs and enjoys being outside and camping.

Giselle Amador

Giselle Amador - Treasurer
Giselle is the Region 2 Treasurer, as well as the ASB treasurer. She enjoys being involved with many school activities. She is in CSF, GATE, Chicano club, Aca Deca, and of course, FCCLA. She is also the spirit leader of her High School cheer team, and enjoys performing.

Shivania Torres-Lal

Shivani Torres – Reporter
Shivani is a junior at her current school, a caring and kind individual, and is super pumped to a region officer this year. Shivani is a member of her school's color guard team, is part of the link crew at her high school, and volunteers every weekend at her local library! She loves FCCLA with a passion and believes in all of the core values. She is so happy she found FCCLA, which she can now proudly call home. FCCLA helped her find her voice and gain the confidence to be herself. It has also given her the opportunity to meet a bunch of awesome people! She hopes to continue FCCLA in her senior year and then head off to UC Davis to become a textile chemist.

Riley Miller

Riley Miller  – Historian
Riley will be a sophomore for the 2019-2020 school year, this is her second year in FCCLA, She was the chapter reporter for her first year in FCCLA. She is an identical twin and she loves to triple and long jump in track, on her free time she hangs out with friends and loves to go camping and going on the boat.

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