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2018-2019 Region 4

Esther Abass

Esther Abass, President

Esther Abass joined FCCLA her freshman year, and she competed in Salad Preparation:Junior Division. She loved how the club enabled her to meet new people and learn new things. Now as a sophomore, she will serve as FCCLA Region 4 President. She plans on motivating and getting more people involved with FCCLA.

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Kenneth Yang

Kenneth Yang, Vice President

Kenneth Yang joined FCCLA his junior year of high school and was very glad he did because it gave him a lot of fun and learning moments. He competed in a Culinary Arts team event.  He has enjoyed his experience in the organization and he enjoys meeting new people at all the meetings. Now as a Senior, he is serving as the FCCLA Region 4 Vice President. This year he plans to get more members to join and hopefully have more events that members can be involved in.

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CJ arias

CJ Arias, Treasurer

CJ Arias joined FCCLA his freshman year. He competed in the junior division Salad Preparation and will continue to compete in the senior division as a sophomore. CJ wishes to get more members involved in competition and in his chapter. He likes to play sports and wishes to go to college. This will be his second year involved in FCCLA. He has attended State and Regional meetings. FCCLA has allowed CJ to meet new friends and continue meeting new friends.

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Evan Heidt

Evan Heidt, Reporter

Evan Heidt joined FCCLA his freshman year and competed in Menu Planning and Table Display. His sophomore year he competed in Chapter in Review Portfolio. Now as a Junior he will serve as the FCCLA Region 4 reporter. He plans on writing articles to inspire other chapters to get motivated and to be involved in FCCLA just as he was inspired by his peers.

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Katerina Studentsov

Katerina Studentsov, Historian

Katerina Studentsov joined FCCLA her junior year. She attended the 2018 State Leadership Conference in Fresno, California where she participated as a voting delegate. Now as a senior, she will serve as FCCLA Region 4 Historian. She hopes to achieve her personal goals and to help Region 4 achieve the region goals of increasing membership and participation.  She looks forward to serving and being involved in the upcoming school year.

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Dianne Goldman

Dianne Goldman
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