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2018-19 Region 5

Patrick Kibilov

Patrick Kibilov, President
Patrick Kibilov is a senior who is ecstatic to serve as the 2018–2019 Region 5 President. This is his third year being involved as an active FCCLA member who previously served as the  Chapter’s Vice President. Having been loosely involved during his freshman year, he really considers sophomore year his awakening in FCCLA. Through FCCLA, Patrick has persevered in growing as a leader in regards to taking his responsibilities more seriously and making relationships with people he meets along the way. Patrick’s involvement in FCCLA has changed his perspective on the roles of members in their respective communities and the capability of students in the community. His interests include playing guitar or bass guitar, occasionally skateboarding, going on Goodwill shopping sprees, and rewatching his favorite television series. Although undecided, Patrick wishes to have a positive effect on people’s lives for his future occupation, focusing mainly on either hospitality management services or musical education. Patrick is extremely excited to be part of this year's Region 5 officer team and is even more excited to serve as your 2018–2019 Region five president.

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Jocelyn Quach

Jocelyn Quach, Vice President
Jocelyn Quach is a junior and is honored to be able to serve as 2018 – 2019 Region 5 Vice President. She has been an active member in FCCLA for three years, competed in CRE events, and is also the current Chapter President. During the school year, Jocelyn is a bi-athlete student and participates in tennis and swimming. FCCLA has helped Jocelyn develop her leadership qualities and teamwork skills. She constantly pushes herself to be the best she can be. In her free time, Jocelyn enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and volunteering at the hospital. Jocelyn is planning on pursuing a career in the medical field. Jocelyn is very excited to be part of this year’s officer team and she is positive that that this year will be a memorable one.

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Aliyah Stroud

Aliyah Stroud, Secretary
Aliyah Stroud is a freshman and is excited to be part of the Region 5 officer team. This is her second year as an FCCLA member and was the  former Chapter Secretary. FCCLA has developed Aliyah’s leadership and communication skills to be better. She is currently on the JV cheer team and her hobbies include playing video games, drinking boba, and hanging out with her friends. In the future, Aliyah hopes to be in the culinary industry or major in marketing. She is extremely proud to be your Region 5 secretary and will do her best to contribute a positive impact for FCCLA.

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Sally Mai

Sally Mai, Treasurer
Sally Mai is a freshman and is honored to hold the position as your Region 5 Treasurer. This is her third year as an active FCCLA member and she was previously Peterson Middle School’s chapter president. FCCLA has given Sally so many opportunities to meet new people, improve her leadership skills, and has introduced her to a number of career pathways. She loves binge watching shows on Netflix, drinking boba, and being around her friends and family. In the future she anticipates pursuing a career in the medical field or culinary industry. Sally is excited to be representing Region 5 on the officer team and hopes to expand FCCLA so that more people will get the chance to be part of this wonderful organization.

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Marina Wong

Marina Wong, Historian
Marina Wong is a Junior and is honored to serve as your 2018–2019 Region 5 Historian. She has been active in FCCLA for three years, competed in CRE events, and is currently serving as the Chapter Vice President. FCCLA has helped Marina grow as a leader, experience various career pathways, and meet new people. Marina always pushes herself to do the best she can in both FCCLA and in school. She enjoys binge watching shows, listening to music, and traveling. Marina is very excited to be part of this year’s officer team and hopes every member will experience all the amazing opportunities FCCLA has to offer.

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Kacey Le

Kacey Le, Reporter
Going into her second year as a region officer and fourth year as an FCCLA member, Kacey Le is more than thrilled to serve as the 2018–2019 Region 5 reporter. In the past, she has previously served as the Chapter Historian and the 2017–2018 Region 5 Vice President. Since becoming a member of FCCLA, she has been exposed to so many new experiences which have opened her eyes to undertaking leadership roles and to be more involved. Kacey always strives for the best and is passionate about her work, whether it is in school or FCCLA. Outside of FCCLA, she enjoys making dad jokes, making videos, and being around the people she loves. In the future, Kacey hopes to expand her leadership opportunities in FCCLA. Kacey is delighted to be on this year’s team of officers and can’t wait to see where this year will lead Region 5.

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