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2017-18 Region 5

Amari Pendleton

Amari Pendleton, President

Amari Pendleton is a senior and is privileged to hold the position of Region 5 President. She enjoys being part of FCCLA and is thankful for the opportunity to meet new people and further develop her communication skills. This is her second year of FCCLA, and has served as a fill-in treasurer for her chapter. She will also be the vice president this upcoming year. Amari is eager to help others learn about and love FCCLA as much as she does because it has made a tremendous difference in her life, and she would like to encourage others to take part. She enjoys reading, reenacting Lilo and Stitch, spending time with her big family, and of course, doing what she can to bring others to FCCLA! She is excited for this year because she knows that she has an excellent and supportive team behind her, and is confident that they can do amazing things.


Kacey Le

Kacey Le, Vice President

Kacey Le is a sophomore and is thrilled to serve as the 2017-2018 Region 5 Vice President. This will be her third year in FCCLA and previously served as the Peterson Middle School’s Chapter Historian. Since becoming a member of FCCLA, she has been exposed to many new experiences which has opened her eyes to taking on leadership roles and to get more involved. Kacey always strives for the best and is passionate about her work, whether it is in school or in FCCLA. Outside of FCCLA, she enjoys making dad jokes, playing the ukulele, and being around people she loves. In the future, she wants to be involved in the women’s rights movement or be in a place of work that makes her happy. Kacey is very delighted to be on this year’s team of officers and can’t wait to see where this year will lead Region 5.


Allie Milne

Allie Milne, Secretary

Allie Milne is a freshman and is honored to be serving as Region 5 Secretary. This is her third year as part of FCCLA and previously served as Peterson Middle School’s Chapter president. FCCLA has helped Allie grow as a leader and she hopes to continue serving the program throughout high school. Her interests include going to Indie concerts, traveling, and hearing/sharing puns. Also, Allie is planning on pursuing a career in Communications or Hospitality Management so she can make a positive impact on people’s lives. Allie is very excited to be part of this year’s officer team and hopes that she can teach many more people about how great FCCLA is.


Adrian Siu

Adrian Siu, Treasurer

Adrian Siu is a junior and is honored to be able to serve as 2017-2018 Region 5 Treasurer. He has been an active member in FCCLA for two years, competed in a CRE event, and is also the current High School Chapter Treasurer. During the school year, Adrian is a bi-athlete student and participates in cross country and track and field. He constantly pushes himself to be the best he can be, no matter if it is related to school or not. In his free time, Adrian enjoys listening to music, traveling, running, volunteering at the hospital, and spending time with his friends and family. FCCLA has taught Adrian both leadership and public speaking skills. Adrian is excited to be part of the 2017-2018 Region 5 team and the many new opportunities it has to offer.


Hailey Chen

Hailey Chen, Historian

Hailey Chen is a freshman and is honored to hold the position as Region 5 Historian. This is her second year being involved in California FCCLA, and has had the opportunity of competing in a CRE. FCCLA has helped Hailey improve her leadership qualities, meet new people, and experience new career pathways. Hailey is on the school dance team and also enjoys fashion. She also hopes to pursue a career in the medical field or fashion industry. Hailey is very eager to be on this amazing team, and hopes every member experiences all the amazing things FCCLA has to offer.


Ethan Malonzo

Ethan Malonzo, Reporter

Ethan Malonzo is a junior and is eager to be the Region 5 Reporter. This is currently his fourth year in FCCLA. Previously, he served as vice president and president at his school’s chapter. FCCLA has helped him develop many leadership skills such as public speaking and organizing meetings. Outside of FCCLA, he is a very well rounded, hardworking individual. In school he participates in many challenging academic courses. Athletically, he plays on a club soccer team and is on the varsity badminton team. Some of his hobbies include reading web toons and playing games with his friends. With his amazing officers and fantastic team member by his side, Ethan is positive that this year will be a memorable one.


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