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Region 5
Taylor Tachibana

Taylor Tachibana – President
Taylor is a freshman and is delighted to be serving as your Region 5 President for the 2019-2020 year. This is currently her third year being involved in FCCLA and has previously served as Chapter President and competed in Menu Planning and Table Display. In her free time, Taylor enjoys sipping boba, listening to music, sketching celebrities, and styling outfits. In the future, she hopes to follow a career that matches her creative personality, into either fashion design/journalism or restaurant interior design. Taylor is absolutely thrilled to be serving on your region officer team and as your president, and cannot wait to bring memorable opportunities and experiences to Region 5.

Carrie Ho

Carrie Ho – Vice President
Carrie is a junior in high school this year and is excited to be your Region 5 Vice President. This is her third year as an FCCLA member, and she has served as chapter Reporter and chapter Vice President. She has been involved in FCCLA since freshman year by competing in Sports Nutrition and Entrepreneurship. Competing in these events have allowed Carrie to develop her public speaking, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. In her leisure time, she enjoys swimming and playing the piano. Her favorite foods are french fries, pizza, and pasta. She hopes to pursue a career field that will allow her to step out of her comfort zone and meet new people. After high school, she hopes to major in legal studies or finance.

Amber Chan

Amber Chan – Secretary
Amber is a sophomore in high school and is thrilled to be your new Region 5 Secretary. This is Amber’s second year as an FCCLA member and is also the upcoming chapter secretary at her high school. Being a part of FCCLA has enabled Amber to grow as a person through improving her public speaking, decision-making skills, and problem-solving skills. In her free time, Amber enjoys reading books, binging television shows, and gorging on food. Her go-to foods are ice cream and penne pasta. Upon graduating high school, she hopes to attend a UC in California and major in business with a minor in accounting.

Katy Qin

Katy Qin – Treasurer
Katy is a freshman who is delighted to be serving as the Region Five Treasurer. This is her third year as an active FCCLA member. FCCLA offered her many opportunities such as competition and running for office, in addition, FCCLA also brought her to meet new people, improving her social skills. She loves anime, Japanese culture, and pineapples. In the future, Katy hopes to find her place in dentistry or the culinary industry. Katy is both proud and excited to be on the officer team and will try her best to have a positive impact on the Region.

Alyssa Tat

Alyssa Tat – Historian
Alyssa is a sophomore in high school and is looking forward to be the new Region 5 Historian. This coming school year will be her second year as an FCCLA member and will also serve as the new chapter reporter. Since she joined FCCLA, she has established more advanced teamwork, communicating, and public speaking techniques. During her free time, she likes to dance, snack on different types of food, and binge watch shows on Netflix. After graduating high school, Alyssa hopes to attend a UC within the West Coast and move on to become a pediatric nurse practitioner.

Tyler Chen

Tyler Chen – Reporter
Tyler is a freshman and is extremely honored to serve the 2019-2020 Region 5 officer team. This is his third year being an active and involved member in FCCLA. Through his experience he has gained skills such as public speaking, leadership and cooperation. Outside of FCCLA he loves to play sports; for instance, football, soccer, swimming, and biking. In addition, Tyler enjoys exploring new genres and artists in songwriting. He enjoys dining on ramen and many different types of foods. Later in life, Tyler hopes to become a teacher or make a career in sports. Tyler is excited to see what the future holds and hopes he can deliver a great 2019-2020 year.

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