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2017-2018 Region 6

Valente Huerta-Infante

Valente Huerta-Infante, President

Valente Huerta-Infante is a senior this will be his second year in FCCLA. Valente is the Region 6 President. Valente believes in hard work, dedication, and teamwork. He enjoys Culinary Arts. He hopes to have a distinctive, positive year as region President.


Jiana Espinosa

Jiana Espinosa, Vice President

Jiana Espinosa is 15 years old and is the Region 6 Vice President. In her free time, she likes to sing and play softball. She is a very hardworking person, but also loves to have a little fun while doing her job.


Alliah Leyco

Alliah Leyco, Secretary

Alliah Leyco is excited to be serving as the Region 6 Secretary. This past summer Alliah spent her summer in the Philippines and returned home just one day before ROTC!


Esteban Cervantes Gonzalez

Esteban Cervantes Gonzalez, Treasurer

Esteban Gonzalez is a junior and is 15 years old. Esteban is Region 6 Treasurer. He describes himself as an awkward person when people first meet him, however, he says that it does not stop him from talking to people. Esteban likes many different types of art, he likes to read, loves to sleep, and enjoys hanging out with his friends because he loves them. He plays the trumpet and piano, while learning how to play the clarinet and violin.


Delsy Lopez

Delsy Lopez, Historian

Delsy Lopez is a junior and is 15 years old. Delsy is the Region 6 Historian. Delsy likes to box and volunteer at the San Joaquin General Hospital. Delsy is a very amiable person, works very hard, loves having fun, and enjoys talking to people.


Miguel Perez

Miguel Perez, Reporter

Miguel Perez is a junior and is 17 years old. He is the Region 6 Reporter. Miguel enjoys hanging out with friends and loves having a good time. Miguel states that he wants to meet new people, and looks forward to working alongside them.


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