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Region 7

Your Leadership Team

Rafael Apodaca

Rafael Apodaca – President

Jackelin Bautista

Jackelin Bautista – Vice President

Talia Zundel

Talia Zundel – Secretary

Guillermo Rodarte

Guillermo Rodarte – Treasurer

Emily Ehlers

Emily Ehlers – Historian

Emily Ehlers

Rubi Perez - Reporter

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Region 7 Scrapbook

Region 7 Scrapbook

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Region 7

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 STAR Qualifying Results

Region 7 Contact

Debra Gallagher
Oxnard High School
3400 W. Gonzales Road
Oxnard, CA 93036

STAR Chairperson

Jennifer Montanez
Pioneer Valley High School
675 Panther Dr.
Santa Maria, CA 93554

Shanda Herrera, Principal