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Katelyn Neathery, President
Katelyn is always very prepared. She has a very energetic personality, she loves reading, painting, and cats. She will get things done and is open to listening to new ideas and perspectives. She hopes to be a nurse in the future.


Nathaniel De Guzman, Vice President
Nathaniel is creative and outgoing who enjoys helping his family and his community. He is also very caring to others and focuses on self care. He will always have something to bring to the table.


Edwin Chavez, Treasurer
Edwin is a very calm and respectful person who plans on going to UCSB to become a mechanical engineer. He loves to interact with new people and make new friends. Edwin is alway open to new experiences and new opportunities.

Eden Garcia

Eden Garcia, Secretary
Eden is a kind and sweet person. She is very academically gifted and hopes to become a lawyer in the future. She has a positive mindset and loves her family. She always brings a positive vibe into the room. Eden is an extraordinary person and has a bright future ahead of her.


Kimberly Luz, Historian/Reporter
Kimberly loves working with children. She is a very outgoing person and isn’t scared to talk in front of an audience. She is always prepared to be a leader and hopes to attend NYU to become a child psychiatrist.


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Region 7 Coordinator

R7_22_Ida Lange-Advisor.jpg

Ida Lange
Ms Ida has a sweet soul. She adores BTS and Hello Kitty. She inspires and helps everyone around her to reach their full potential. She is diligent and dedicated to her career. Ms Ida reminds every one of her students that she is always there for them and that she sincerely loves her students as if they are her own.

STAR Chairperson

Jennifer Montanez
Pioneer Valley High School
675 Panther Drive
Santa Maria, CA 93454

Shandra Herrera, Principal



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