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Yosuni Rodriguez

Yosuni Rodriguez, President

Hey ya'll! My name is Yosuni Rodriguez and I'm from Santa Maria High School in region 7. Besides being in FCCLA there are also other things I do. For example, I'm a part of my high school's swim team and marching/concert band. Besides that I also do other things inside of school and outside so I tend to usually be up to something either with FCCLA or with any other activity that I'm involved in.

Sydney Yeager

Sydney Yeager, Vice President/Secretary

My name is Sydney Yeager and I am so excited to be both your FCCLA Region 7 Vice President and Secretary this school year.  A few of my favorite things are reading, coffee, my friends and fashion.

Fiona Stevens

Fiona Stevens, Treasurer

Hi, I’m Fiona Stevens and this is my second year in FCCLA. In my free time, I enjoy playing the guitar, listening to music, sewing, going to the beach, and reading. I’m currently a senior in high school the Region 7 Treasurer!

Javier Alvarez

Javier Alvarez, Historian/Reporter

Hi, my name is Javier Alvarez and I've been in FCCLA for 3 years! I go to Pioneer Valley High School and I'm a senior. Something you might not know about me is I love to draw and sketch designs!


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Nicki Pedeliski

STAR Chairperson

Jennifer Montanez
Pioneer Valley High School
675 Panther Dr.
Santa Maria, CA 93554

Shanda Herrera, Principal