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Region 8
Catie Corchado

Catie Corchado – President
Catie is a junior and is serving as the Region 8 President. She has previously served as her Chapter Secretary, has earned her Region Degree, and competed in Illustrated Talk at the state level. Her goal this year is to increase member involvement and encourage excitement for FCCLA! She enjoys reading, watching YouTube, and solving her Rubik's cube in her free time. She hopes to become a high school teacher in the future.

Himali Sachdeva

Himali Sachdeva – Vice President
Himali is a senior and is serving as the Region 8 Vice President. The previous year, she competed in Life Event Planning at  the annual FCCLA State Leadership Conference. She also received her Chapter Degree, and is planning on getting her Region Degree this year. She has been playing badminton since she was 10 years old, and is now on her school’s varsity team. She would like to go to UC Santa Barbara. After completing her education she would like to work in the medical field.

Maria Pimental

Maria Pimentel – Treasurer
Maria is a junior and is serving as your Region 8 Treasurer. She has been in FCCLA for 3 years.  She has also competed in child development and placed second during State Conference. She is currently serving as her Chapter President.  Maria’s goal in FCCLA this year is to increase participation and have more region members compete this year. She is planning to study in a 4 year university and become an FCS or an elementary teacher.  Maria also  enjoys doing crafts, DIY’s,and painting, to demonstrate her creativity. Maria is excited to serve this year and is ecstatic to meet you.

Riley Quinn

Riley Quinn – Secretary
Riley Quinn is a senior has previously been a Chapter Secretary and now serves as the Region 8 Secretary. Riley hopes to increase involvement of members by bringing attention to the many programs offered. In her free time she rollerblades, plays tennis, enjoys being creative, and overall just has fun! In the future, Riley would like to pursue a career in science or math.


Faith Vu

Faith Vu – Historian
Faith Vu is a senior and is currently your Region 8 Historian. She plays the piano on her church’s worship band and aspires to become an occupational or sports physical therapist. She challenges herself to offer help in any way possible, whether that’d be to an officer, FCCLA member, or anyone in the community. Faith’s one goal in life is to become a leader worth following; for not only FCCLA, but for those around her. She has discovered a lot by being a part of FCCLA and now wants to give back to those who have shaped her into who she is today.

Hunter Holquin

Hunter Holguin – Reporter
Hunter is a junior and this is Hunter’s third year as an FCCLA member and he is acting as Region 8 Reporter this year. He received his Chapter Degree last year and competed in salad preparation at the region and state level. In his free time he enjoys going to the ocean, playing his guitar, and is currently learning to play the piano. Hunter’s goal for this year is to try to become more involved in community service.

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