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Region 8

Your Leadership Team

Shannel Melchor

Shannel Melchor – President

Melissa Rivera

Melissa Rivera – Vice President

Sehajpreet Singh

Sehajpreet Singh – Secretary

Melody Stetsko

Melody Stetsko – Treasurer

Jasmin Moreno Navarrete

Jasmin Moreno Navarrete – Historian

Stefany Canseco

Stefany Canseco – Reporter

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Region 8 Scrapbook

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Region 8

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Region 8 Contact

R8 - Michelle Stestsko.JPG

Michelle Stetsko
Madera High School
200 S. L Street
Madera, CA 93637

STAR Chairperson

Allysa Fite, FCS Instructor
Central High School
3535 N. Cornelia Avenue
Fresno, CA 93727

Robert Perez, Principal