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Burgette Sartor

Burgette Sartor, President

Burgette is a senior and is the Region 8 President. Burgette has competed in Life Event Planning, and National Programs in Action. Burgette’s future plans for the Region include; gaining more new members, and helping everyone become a leader. In Burgette’s words, “I hope to gain more confidence in myself by being president this year. Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality. Go Region 8!”


Lauren Winslow

Lauren Winslow, Vice President/Treasurer

Lauren is a senior and is the Region 8 Vice President and Treasurer. Lauren has competed in Fashion Construction and plans to compete again this year. “Let’s go Region 8.”


Alexis Morales

Alexis Morales, Secretary

Alexis is a sophomore, and is the Region 8 Secretary. Alexis has competed in Entrepreneurship. Alexis’s goal is to make Region 8 the best.


Jaimie Harris

Jaimie Harris, Reporter

Jaimie is a senior and is the Region 8 Reporter. Jaimie has competed in Chapter Review Portfolio, and hopes to gain a lot more confidence from this experience.


Ciel Bristow

Tabitha Freeman, Historian

Tabitha Freeman is a sophomore and is 15 years old. Tabitha is the Region 8 Historian and has competed in Interior Design. Tabitha hopes to make this year a great year.


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Atlanta, Georgia
Jun 28th - All Day
Jun 29th - All Day
Jun 30th - All Day
Jul 01st - All Day
Jul 02nd - All Day
2018 National Leadership Conference

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