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Francisco Botello

Francisco Botello, President

Francisco Botello is a senior at Paramount High School and is serving as 2021-2022 Region 9 President. His 3 years of being in FCCLA have taught him how to get out of his comfort zone, along with leadership, communication and teamwork skills. Apart from FCCLA, Francisco is involved in Upward Bound, California Scholarship Federation, Early Academic Outreach Program, and MESA. Besides academic extracurricular activities, he loves to play video games, watch movies and hang out with friends. In the future, he would like to attend a university to major in engineering or law.

Aimee Weidlich

Aimee Weidlich, Vice President

Aimee Weidlich is a senior at Paramount High School and is serving as 2021-2022 Region 9 Vice President. This is Aimee’s first year in FCCLA, which is an amazing opportunity for her to take this chance and challenge herself. She’s looking forward to gaining leadership and communication skills, as well as connecting and meeting new people. In Aimee’s freetime, she loves dancing and ice skating. Besides FCCLA, Aimee is involved in clubs and organizations relating to the medical field and performing arts. She strives to attend UCLA or UCSD in the future and major in nursing or broadcast journalism.

Janea Tan

Janea Tan, Secretary/Treausrer

Janea Tan is a senior at Paramount High School and is honored to be serving as Region 9’s 2021-2022 Secretary. Being in FCCLA for 3 years, she has learned soft skills such as managing her time more efficiently, communicating effectively, taking charge as a leader, and working well with other people. Outside of FCCLA, she loves to spend time with herself doing the things she loves: Reading, crocheting, watching her shows, watering her plants, and sleeping. Later on in life, she hopes to attend a 4-year university and major in something medical related.

Erika Irra

Erika Irra, Historian

Erika Irra is Historian from Region 9 2021-2022 and a junior at Paramount High School. This would be her second year of being in FCCLA and being in FCCLA this has helped her with her communication and teamwork skills. Aside from being in FCCLA Erika enjoys spending time with her friends and family, writing, listening to music and reading. Later on she would like to attend a university to major in film production and minor in film studies.

Ryan Ontiveros

Ryan Ontiveros, Reporter

Ryan Ontiveros, the 2021-2022 Region 9 Reporter, is a junior from Torrance High School. This is his second year in FCCLA, and he has found FCCLA to be a great way to enhance his communication and leadership skills. Ryan is a proud member of the Torrance High Varsity Golf Team, Southern California Junior PGA, California Scholarship Federation, the National Honors Society, is the THS Yearbook Copy Editor, and volunteers at the non-profit Jubilate Academy tutoring young children. Aside from these extracurriculars, Ryan loves video games, going to Disneyland, going to concerts, and hanging out with friends and family. Ryan wants to attend a D1 school, hopefully UCLA, play on the golf team, and major in engineering.


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