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To enable "Closed Caption" start video by clicking the play button in the middle of the screen. You can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of a YouTube video. A red line will appear under the icon when closed captions have been enabled. 2. You can also adjust caption settings by clicking the gear icon.

Let’s Learn About FACTS

presented by the Region 2 Officer Team | Worksheet

Improve your Leadership

presented by the Region 4 Officer Team | Worksheet

Empowering Teens to Maintain Positive Mental Health

presented by the Region 5 Officer Team | Worksheet

Power of 1: Family Ties Edition

presented by the Region 6 Officer Team | Worksheet

Science and Math in FCS

presented by the Region 7 Officer Team | Worksheet

Discover the Leader in You

presented by the Region 8 Officer Team | Worksheet

Publicize FCCLA

presented by the Region 9 Office Team | Worksheet

Community Outreach as an FCCLA Chapter

presented by the Region 10 Officer Team | Worksheet

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