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Competitive Recognition Events (CRE)

Nearly $100,000 is presented to Competitive Recognition Event (CRE) award winners each year … do you want to be involved?

An important component of the California FCCLA leadership program is career development related to Home Economics Careers and Technology. Participation in the Competitive Recognition Events gives Home Economics Careers and Technology students the confidence, motivation, and experience to be successful in the workplace. The Competitive Recognition Events are contests in 20 career-related areas that prepare members of the California FCCLA for the world of work. These events extend classroom learning and give students recognition and a sense of achievement while developing skills for future careers.

Individual, team, and chapter events are offered to students in high school, junior high school, or middle school. Senior division participants include those in grades 10-12 and ROCP, junior division participants are in grades 6-9. Members compete at various levels - qualifying, state, and in some cases national finals.

Corporations, institutions and individuals sponsor various events with cash, scholarships and prizes. Each year, students are presented awards that total more than $80,000 in value. Contributors develop a sense of pride in knowing they have become partners with education in preparing students for living and working in the 21st century.