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The California FCCLA members are expected to be neat in appearance and well-groomed at all times. The manner in which members dress is important in providing a professional image as well as a means of identification with California FCCLA. Dress for the California FCCLA meetings and activities should be as follows:

1. The official California FCCLA uniform should be worn at all meetings and appropriate activities. This consists of the official California FCCLA blazer worn with the following: (a) Option 1: Tailored blue skirt or slacks and white blouse with a collar. Fleshtone hosiery, blue pumps or flats that have closed toes and heels. (b) Option 2: Blue dress slacks, white shirt with a collar, and a solid tie. Blue or black dress socks and dark dress shoes.

2. Refer to the current CRE Guide for specific dress-check information during Competitive Recognition Event activities.

3. At casual California FCCLA functions, specific designated sessions of leadership activities, and recreational activities, the proper uniform designation used by the organization is "Official Casual Attire." This consists of the following:

Option 1

Solid dress slacks or skirts or khaki pants or skirt worn with the official FCCLA T-Shirt or any FCCLA Polo Shirt for sale on the official FCCLA website.

Option 2

Blue dress slacks or khaki pants worn with the official FCCLA T-Shirt or any FCCLA Polo Shirt for sale on the official California FCCLA website.

4. Inappropriate attire for California FCCLA meetings and activities includes coveralls, shorts, jeans or other pants or slacks that are constructed of denim or in jean designs, T-shirts, school sweaters, and halter tops.

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