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Very few careers are as personally rewarding as those that involve working with children. Growing up in a stimulating, nurturing atmosphere helps children develop the confidence and skills to live purposeful lives and participate fully in their communities. That growth cannot happen without the work of energetic and talented child development and education professionals committed to their vocation.

For those seeking a career in child development and education, opportunities abound like never before. The demand for jobs in the childcare industry, for example, continues to grow as more and more parents join the labor force. The childcare profession is especially welcoming to entrepreneurs, nearly 40 percent of those who work in the sector are self-employed.

As California's population continues to swell, so does its need for qualified teachers and school administrators. And as the movement to make preschool available to all children in the state gains traction, the career potential will likewise expand.

~ Margaret McLain

Site Supervisor for Child Care Center, Visalia, CA

"In my job I love seeing the milestones that children achieve in their younger years. Home economics classes gave me exposure to the field of early childhood and helped me decide if this was a career I wanted to pursue. You don’t get that kind of hands-on experience in a lot of other places. I was able to see people working in the field and meet prospective employers. Regardless of what field you’re going into, everyone can benefit from a child development course. It not only helps you in a career but it will also help you tremendously in your personal life if you become a parent.”

The monetary rewards offered by a career working with children vary depending on one's level of education and training.

Job titles in this career sector include child care worker, childcare center administrator, elementary and secondary school teacher, school administrator and school psychologist.

Students pursuing the child development and education career pathway can expect coursework and training on such topics as.

  • Child growth and development;
  • Nutrition, health and safety;
  • Licensing, regulations and operational procedures;
  • Developmentally appropriate activities and curricula; and
  • Instructional programs, supervision and classroom management.

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