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Margaret Mead's decades-old appeal for a course in skills for daily living still resonates today. As family and work life evolve, the need for skills that foster balance and fulfillment remains. Through its seven content areas, the Consumer and Family Studies curriculum cultivates those skills.

Child Development and Guidance

All families need information about raising healthy, confident children. Courses teach prenatal care; child growth and development; and health care.

Consumer Education

Our complex society requires us to be informed consumers. Courses teach lessons related to decision making, financial planning; and consumer rights and responsibilities.

Family Living and Parenting Education

Society functions best when families function at their best. Courses teach family dynamics and responsibilities; ways to deal with conflict and crisis; and how to manage personal, family and work roles.

Fashion, Textiles and Apparel

Choosing apparel and accessories that are both affordable and appropriate for work and daily activities is important for everyone. Courses teach budgeting; design and wardrobe planning; and construction, care, and repair of apparel and accessories.

Food and Nutrition

Eating habits may start in the home, but their effects reach far beyond the kitchen table. Courses teach nutrition, physical fitness; and meal planning and preparation.

Housing and Furnishings

Our living environment is both a reflection of our personal tastes and a factor in the management of our personal lives. Courses teach the economics of housing decisions; energy conservation, design elements; and sensible functional furnishings.

Individual and Family Health

Achieving optimum health requires access to sound information. Courses include instruction in health and well being, self-esteem; and behaviors that affect personal health, such as substance abuse.

For more information on Consumer and Family Studies, contact your local instructors in middle, junior, or high schools, or the Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (ROCP) in your area, or:

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