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Helping people improve their lives is what a career in family and human services is all about. This challenging professional arena is populated with gifted, compassionate individuals who are using their talents to help others reach their full potential—an achievement that can be very personally rewarding.

The family and human services career pathway is broad, with job titles that include social worker, marriage and family therapist, substance abuse counselor and parole officer. Whatever the position, the work often involves close contact with individuals who have emotional and other special needs and therefore require a great deal of patience and understanding.

The employment outlook for careers in family and human services is very promising. The fastest job growth is expected in occupations that deliver services to the elderly and substance abusers. Also, shifts in social welfare policies have created a demand for specialists to teach job skills to those who need assistance moving into the workforce. There is a particular need for qualified social service providers in rural areas.

Financial rewards in the field of family and human services are commensurate with experience and education.

Job titles in this career sector include home health aide, substance abuse social worker, probation officer and psychologist.

Students pursuing the family and human services career pathway can expect coursework and training on such topics as:

  • Psychology and behavioral health
  • Counseling, behavioral change and case management
  • Fundamentals of legal and social services resources
  • Client screening and assessment techniques
  • Working with culturally and economically diverse populations

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