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No other livelihood combines artistic creativity, technical expertise and marketing savvy the way the fashion industry does. For anyone who has ever dreamed of a career in fashion design, manufacturing and merchandising, the profession can be both glamorous and demanding.
The sewn-products industry, with a volume of $32.5 billion statewide, is the second-largest manufacturing sector in California and the largest manufacturing sector in Los Angeles. Despite these impressive figures, job seekers can expect stiff competition in the manufacturing sector. For this reason, education and practical experience in the field are more important than ever.

There are ample opportunities in the design and merchandising sectors, especially for those with advanced skills and training. Current leaders in the field emphasize that there is high demand for pre-production jobs involving computerized pattern-making and product data management for larger companies. In many respects, success in the fashion industry calls for technological skills as much as creative talent.

Job titles in this career sector include tailor, dressmaker, custom sewer, fabric and apparel patternmaker, designer, purchasing manager and marketing manager.

Students pursuing the fashion design, manufacturing and merchandising career pathway can expect coursework and training on such topics as:

  • Design principles and elements
  • Textile care, design and manufacturing
  • Product development
  • Garment patternmaking, construction and alteration
  • Sales, merchandising and management
  • Computer-aided design and product data management applications

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