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The field of food science, dietetics and nutrition is wide open to job seekers thanks to culinary, social and demographic trends that are continually reshaping the role of food in our lives. From creating new food products for the increasingly discerning shopper to designing nutritious meals for an aging population, this sector offers a wealth of diverse and interesting careers.

The employment outlook is bright for dietitians and nutritionists, especially as science advances our understanding of preventing disease through dietary habits. As our population grows and ages, dietary expertise will be in high demand, particularly in institutional settings such as nursing care facilities. Addressing the nation's obesity epidemic will also be a challenge for experts in the nutrition arena. Food scientists in university and government settings can expect expanding opportunities in research and regulatory compliance as food safety and security concerns grow in importance.

Because of the technical nature of food science and nutrition, the most financially rewarding jobs are typically those held by individuals with advanced education and training.

Job titles in the food science sector include production manager, quality control scientist, flavor chemist, and food and drug inspector. In the nutrition sector, dietitians and nutritionists can work in individual, clinical, community or large-scale management settings.

The coursework related to food science, dietetics and nutrition is as diverse as the jobs themselves. Students pursuing this career pathway can expect classes and training on such topics as:

  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Biology, chemistry, physiology and mathematics
  • Food engineering and processing
  • Food safety, sanitation and quality assurance
  • Manufacturing, management and marketing
  • Counseling and communication

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