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When people think of California, it's more than beaches and sunshine that come to mind. The Golden State is also known as a mecca for gourmands who revere the state for its innovative restaurants and trendsetting cuisine.

The food service industry employs close to one million people in California, representing nearly 7 percent of the jobs in the state. That figure can be expected to climb as a greater share of consumers' food dollar is spent away from home.

There is ample opportunity for advancement in the food service and hospitality sector, particularly for those who combine a strong work ethic with specialized training and education. Statistics show that moving up in the restaurant industry often requires individuals to climb the ladder from entry-level positions; more than nine in ten salaried restaurant employees started out as hourly workers. And the number of food service managers is expected to increase 15 percent by 2014.

Job titles in this career sector include waiter, sous chef, head chef, food service manager and sommelier.
Students pursuing the food service and hospitality career pathway can expect coursework and training on such topics as:

  • Food preparation and presentation
  • Food safety and sanitation
  • Nutrition and dietary needs
  • Current technology in the food service industry
  • Management, accounting, marketing and customer service

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