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California's reputation for breathtaking landscapes and friendly people have put the state on the map as the number one travel destination in the United States and the number three destination in the world. For savvy job seekers, this means there is hardly a better place to enjoy a career in the hospitality, tourism and recreation industry.

Nearly 900,000 jobs are directly supported by California's travel sector, making tourism the state's third largest employer. And it's not slowing down anytime soon. The industry is expected to expand 4.5 percent per year through 2014, which is good news for those seeking a stable career with lots of opportunity for growth.

The variety and quality of careers is as diverse as California itself. From travel guide to theme park director, meeting planner to hotel manager, the hospitality industry is a natural career pathway for anyone with a knack for working with people and a commitment to excellent customer service.

Many people are attracted to hospitality careers for their numerous personal rewards, including the opportunity to interact with diverse people and cultures. Financial compensation is also a draw, especially for those with advanced training and education.

Students pursuing the hospitality, tourism and recreation career pathway can expect education and training on topics such as:

  • Management of facilities and events
  • Sales, publicity and financial transactions
  • Travel destinations, cultures and customs
  • Computer applications and other technology
  • Guest services and satisfaction
  • Economic impact of the industry

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