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California FCCLA: The California Affiliate of FCCLA has a complete line of products covering nearly any product area that a member or advisor may wish to order in the course of operating an California FCCLA Chapter or being an involved member.

Ordering of items is done through the on-line shopping cart at this site. Simply locate items that you wish to purchase using the drop-down selection menu under "SHOP California FCCLA!" or select the "SHOP California FCCLA!" link and select from the list of options under "Start Shopping."

Some shopping cart tips:

If you change your mind about an item already placed in the cart, you may remove it by clicking the delete button next to that item in the cart which is represented by a trash can icon.

You may increase or decrease the quantity you wish to order of a particular item by highlighting the quantity number in the shopping cart, typing in the new quantity you wish to order, and then clicking on the "RECALCULATE" button near the bottom of the cart.

If you have available funds in a cash credit voucher or an SB70 fund voucher that you wish to use for payment on an order, wait until you have all the items you wish to order loaded into the shopping cart and have designated the zip code range that includes your delivery zip code.  Then, enter the voucher number you wish to use in the box near the bottom of the shopping cart labeled "Gift Certificate" and then click on the "RECALCULATE" button. This will apply the existing funds to your order.  If your voucher has more funds available than the cost of the order, the excess amount will automatically be placed in a new voucher that you can use at a later date. ONLY ONE voucher may be applied to a single order.

If you wish to apply funds from multiple vouchers to a single shopping cart order, you must first contact the California FCCLA Financial Services Office and request that your multiple vouchers be combined into a single voucher for making your purchase.

Payment Options

Full payment must be received by California FCCLA before any emblematic items are shipped to the customer. California FCCLA: The California Affiliate of FCCLA accepts three payment options as described below. After entering your name and address information in the shopping cart, the continue button will take you to a final review page. Near the bottom of this page you are requested to enter your method of payment. If you neglect to enter an option, the shopping cart will default to the PayPal system and request immediate payment.


1)  Pay securely online using your own Paypal Account by following through the Paypal checkout procedures for Paypal Members.
2)  Pay securely online with encrypted credit card processing by following through the PayPal checkout procedures for Paypal Guests.
3)  You may also pay with a school check as follows  (NO personal or business checks!):

(a)  Select "Pay by School Check" payment option;
(b) Now use your web browser to print out a copy of the order. Check the printout to be certain it shows your order correctly as well as all of your name, address, and contact information.
(g) Next, select the "Continue" button to finalize and complete your order.
(h)  Mail in the printout of your shopping cart order, with your school check made payable to "California FCCLA" in the amount shown on your shopping cart printout for "Total," to the following address:

California FCCLA Financial Services Office
P. O. Box 6
Galt,  CA  95632

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General Information

Shipping & Handling Information

Shipping and handling charges are added to each purchase. You will need to be select the shipping and handling fees based on your zip code upon checkout. Charges are calculated using the United States Postal Service shipping tables which are based on distance, weight, size and shape of packaging. A base handling fee is added to each order to cover the costs of packaging and packaging materials, labor to pick and pack items, and fuel costs to transport to the local post office.